Mentored a hackathon
Judged a Hackathon
"Pearl Hacks is a weekend-long hackathon for female and non-binary college students held at UNC-Chapel Hill. Participants work in teams of up to four to ideate and create incredible projects in just 24 hours, with the help of excellent mentors, workshops, and tech talks."

• Presented "Git with The Flow: Project Management" tech talk workshop which helped teams integrate DevOps / using git source control (Slides:
• Mentored and helped teams with React JSX, Firebase, Google Cloud API, IBM Watson API, iOS Mobile App Development, Python, and Git issues.
• Helped judge for the most innovative hack.

I loved the inclusivity of this hackathon more than any other hackathon I've attended or participated. Mentoring to help solve social issues for Women in Computing and Non-binary was a valuable leadership experience.